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Supply Base - Grupo Gerez

Supply Base is a registered trademark that has an adjustable operating yard for any need that the client may have in the Oil and Gas sector. Starting operations in 2018 in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

We take great care in the handling of the goods, that's why we unload and load them with the best protocols using safety bands, tarpaulins, safety nets, straps and tracking padlocks.

We have

Our Vision

To be a competitive and innovative company, in order to be leaders in foreign trade and offshore services in our country and thus obtain the recognition of our clients as a reliable and agile company in carrying out customs procedures and services.

Our Values
The values that make up our identity are:
    • 🗸 Honesty

    • 🗸 Integrity

    • 🗸 Commitment

    • 🗸 Ethics

    • 🗸 Quality

    • 🗸 Absolute quality of service.

    • 🗸 Constant training of our staff.

    • 🗸 Coordination of operations, with absolute respect and confidentiality of the responsibilities assigned to us by the client.


  • 14,000 m2

  • Offices and bathrooms

  • Electric power

  • Cranes

  • Forklift

  • Trucks

  • Security and surveillance 24/7 365 days a year

  • Telephone and internet

  • 440V connections for refrigerated containers


Our offices are equipped with all the comforts and tools to do an excellent job.

  • Internet 24/7

  • Air conditioning

  • Desks and computers


  • Road transport

  • Marine transport

  • Dock area

  • Storage

  • Packaging of goods

  • Medical assistance and ambulance service

  • Logistical manoeuvres

  • Container maintenance

  • Drilling equipment

  • Platforms

  • Miscellaneous materials

  • Consumables

  • COVID tests

  • Offshore CCus, Baskets, etc...

  • Imports by land Brownsville-Matamoros-Tampico

  • Imports via Tampico-Altamira seaport

  • Miscellaneous products

  • Offshore CCus, Baskets, etc.

  • Drilling rigs

  • Return of platforms

  • Exports by land Tampico-Matamoros-Brownsville

  • Exports by sea from the port of Tampico-Altamira

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